The survey is open. Please plan accordingly as it will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Global Competencies Survey (English)

Global Competencies Survey (Spanish)

Global Competencies Survey (Japanese)

Global Competencies Survey (Chinese)

Background – Over the last six years there have been conversations and dialogues at student affairs and services conferences and meetings around the world about the work we do to support student success and what skills, abilities, and expertise are needed for our work. This study builds on those conversations and seeks to further highlight the importance of student learning outside of the classroom, as well as specific competencies on the part of staff and faculty to make that learning possible.


  • To gain an idea of the shared work of student support services across borders.
  • Identify regional differences in competencies and/or skills.
  • Elevate the work we do on a global scale by bringing attention to the importance of this work to university and government leaders.
  • Promote the impact of our work in your own country.

Timeline: The first phase will involve emailing presidents and chief executive officers of associations a pilot survey with a) a short set of open ended questions regarding global skills, abilities, and/or expertise and b) a request to participate in the study. These pilot responses will help refine the final survey tool used in the second phase of the study that will be sent out to all members of each association that agrees to participate. The hope is to complete the first phase in the fall of 2017 and launch the second phase in early 2018.

Request for commitment –The IASAS board requests: a) that you confirm your commitment to the project by completing the pilot survey, and b) for your assistance in disseminating the final survey tool to your association member base.


  • A one to two-page document of the shared competencies for our work globally (taken from data collected and aggregated in the second phase). All organizations participating in the survey will receive this summary. A copy of this will also be shared with UNESCO and distributed at the next World Conference on Higher Education in 2020.
  • A second set of results outlining the country and/or regional results of the study that can be used for your own development needs.

* This includes student affairs, student services, student personnel, student learning, student development and student support and other functions that supports student learning and success outside of the classroom. Language around this will be discussed with associations during the first phase of the project.

The table below is a list of the associations to be contacted. Others may be added as we progress in study.

ACPA College Student Educators International
ACUHO-I Association of College and University Housing Officers – International
AMOSSHE Association of Managers of Student Services in Higher Education
ANUSAC Association of Normal University Student Affairs in China
ANZSSA Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association
APSSA Asia Pacific Student Services Association
CACUSS Canadian Association of College and University Student Services
CSSI Confederation of Student Services in Ireland
CNOUS Centre National des Ceuvres Universitaires et Scolaires
CTLPA Caribbean Tertiary Personnel Association
DSW Deutsches Studentenwerk
ECStA European Council of Student Affairs
EUCA European University College Association
HKSSA Hong Kong Student Services Association
IASAS International Association of Student Affairs and Services
JASSO Japan Student Services Organization
MSAC Malaysian Secretariat of Deputy Vice-Chancellors of Student Affairs Council
NASDEV National Association of Student Development Practitioners (South Africa)
NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
NODA Association for Orientation, Transition & Retention in Higher Education
PAASA Philippine Association of Administrators of Student Affairs
SAASSAP South African Association of Senior Student Affairs Professionals
SAFSAS Southern Africa Federation of Student Affairs and Services