Student Global Summits provide a global platform for improving multi and intercultural communication and understanding between students which is part of the mission of the International Association for Student Affairs and Services (IASAS). The goal of the summits is to bring student leaders from different parts of the world together to discuss student governance, leadership, social justice or other topics of shared interest.

The first summit which was around the theme leadership was held in Montreal Canada March 4-6, 2016 in partnership with the College Student Educators International (ACPA) and Lead365. Each year 25 student leaders are chosen to be part of this 2 ½ day experience in March before the ACPA convention.

Student leaders who apply must be enrolled in Tertiary education and have been a leader for at least one year on their respective campus. The goals of the program is to have representation from different parts of the world. For the last two years students have represented 12 different countries from most of the IASAS regions.

To learn more:
Past Student Leader Global Summit 2017
Applications for the Student Leader Global Summit 2018 will be available early November.