The Journal for Student Affairs in Africa is a recently fully accredited academic Journal that provides an opportunity for Student Affairs professionals and higher education scholars from around the globe to share their research and experiences of student services and student affairs programmes from their respective regional and institutional contexts. This has been given a specific platform with the guest-edited issue “Voices from Around the Globe” which is the result of a collaboration with the International Association of Student Affairs and Services (IASAS), and particularly with the guest editors, Kathleen Callahan and Chinedu Mba.

The mission of the International Association of Student Affairs and Services (IASAS) is to serve “as a global advocate for students in higher education, student affairs and services practitioners, and the profession itself” (IASAS, 2017, para 3). It seems appropriate that the special edition of JSAA focuses on issues and challenges in student affairs and services around the world.

This issue is a particularly interesting one in that it has articles from South Africa, China, a meta analysis about the Asian Region, Ethiopia, and Botswana. These “voices from around the globe” foreground our differentiated experiences and roles and also, highlight the many commonalities we share across the globe.

The latest issue can be found here:

Journal of Student Affairs in Africa Vol 5 (1) “Voices from around the globe” is published