Keynote: Margaret Biggs

Margaret Biggs is Matthews Fellow in Global Policy at Queen’s
University, Chairperson of the Board of Governors for the International
Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Chair of World Universities
Service Canada. (WUSC).

Ms. Biggs previously served as President of the Canadian International
Development Agency (CIDA) and was responsible for overseeing
Canada’s international development and humanitarian assistance
efforts worldwide. She also served as Deputy Secretary for Priorities
and Planning in the Privy Council Office of Canada.

In 2018 Ms. Biggs co-authored with John W. McArthur “A Canadian
North Star: Crafting an advanced economy approach to the Sustainable
Development Goals” (Brookings Institution). She also co-chaired the
Study Group on Global Education’s report Equipping the Next Generation
of Canadians to Succeed in a Complex World.

Global Commons, International Education Centre, The University of Toronto, Hart House
Opportunities for students to engage in the questions and issues raised by the UN Sustainable Development Goals also create a high-impact opportunity for global learning and leadership to emerge. This session will provide an overview of the Hart House Global Commons, an interdisciplinary, co-curricular dialogue space that invites students from the University of Toronto to connect with each other, and with peers from partner institutions (Science Po, University of Cape Town, Universidad de los Andes, University of Indiana, Bloomington) to share perspectives and lived experiences in real-time, on the critical issues we collectively face. 
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