Michael Murphy is President of the European University Association. A past President of University College Cork, Ireland (2007-17), he has been active in many academic organisations in Europe and the United States and has served as Vice-Chancellor of the National University of Ireland, Chair of the Health Research Board of Ireland, Chair of the Irish Universities Association and Chair of the Permanent Working Group (PWG) of European Hospital Doctors. Currently, he chairs the Steering Committee of the European Learning and Teaching Forum and the Advisory Board of U-Multirank.

Prof. Murphy graduated in Medicine from University College Cork in 1976. Following postgraduate medical training in Dublin and in Clinical Pharmacology at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London, he received his doctorate from the National University of Ireland in 1984. Dr. Murphy spent a decade on the Faculties of Pharmacology, Physiology and Medicine at The University of Chicago before returning to Cork as Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and later as Dean of Medicine. An expert on drug therapy for cardiovascular disease, he led several  international clinical trials of interventions to reduce cardiovascular mortality. 

Student Panel discussion on student leadership in achieving Agenda 2030

Potential panelist speakers:

  • Caoimhe O’Caroll: USI Vice President for Dublin, attended COP26 and tends to be the USI lead of climate issues
  •  or Beth O’Reilly: USI Vice President for Campaigns and USI President Elect, former UCCSU Officer
  • Reuban Murray: 1st year Government & Politics student, UCC Quercus Scholar for Active Citizenship and former Irish Second Level Students Union President
  • Mair Kelly: Final year BSc International Development and Food Policy student in UCC, UCC Societies President Elect, awarded USI Student Activist of the Year 2021, involved with UCC Failte Refugees, University of Sanctuary Working Group, Chair of the YMCA International Development and Global Justice Committee, and NYCI Young People’s 2030 Committee
  • Theresa Rose Sebastian: Leaving Cert student in Mount Mercy College who is a Youth Climate and Social Justice Activist, involved with Fridays For Future Cork and attended COP26

Panel Title: Student Leadership in Achieving Agenda 2030

Abstract: This panel will welcome a host of student leaders dedicating their time to work which contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The panel will explore the multifaceted role student leaders and the student movement as a whole has played to date, and the future role they envision students playing over the next 7 years as we move towards the year 2030. We will delve in to the panelists own personal experiences as student leaders, how they came to learn about the SDGs and how they use the SDGs in their work today, and the importance of the student voice in informing and shaping sustainable development. Lastly the panel will explore how the education can be used as a tool for empowering students to be active global citizens.