Regional Updates 

IASAS Middle East Regional Coordinators:
Adnan Farah (Bahrain) & Damian Medina (Qatar)





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University Volunteer Forum – 20-22 October 2018, Doha, Qatar

Taqadam Student Leadership Conference – 17-18 November 2018, Doha, Qatar
The Taqadam Student Leadership Conference provides a dynamic, engaging and interactive forum for purpose-driven and applied leadership development. This is a conference that focuses on leadership training that provides students with the tools they need to drive transformative change and solve problems in a local, national, regional and global context. 

The conferences will be hosted by Qatar University. Both conferences will cover accommodation, transportation, conference meals and an excursion for your student delegation (limit six per university) and one chaperone.  Attendees will cover airfare.



Mental-Health Care on Arab Campuses is Increasing—Slowly Al-Fanar Media


Board Member & Middle East Regional Coordinator Prof. Adnan Farah contributed to the 49th Middle East Medical Assembly (MEMA) that took place from April 19 to 22, 2018 at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Prof. Farah contributed to the Assembly as an invited external Scientific Advisor to the scientific program, and was invited to participate as a panelist in the panel discussion entitled ” College Mental health services: What works, what doesn’t”. The assembly was held as joint providership with Cleveland- Ohio, USA and in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).


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