logoblugreenThis page brings you links and downloads for books and articles about student affairs and services.

ACA Book Press Release
International Student Support in European Higher Education: Needs, Solutions, and Challenge

ACPA-NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners

Borderless Global Movement Article by Richard Zereik and Eva-Marie Seeto (2014)

CIHE Perspectives No. 6: The Boston College Center for International Higher Education Year in Review, 2016-2017.

Enhancing Student Learning and Development in Cross-Border Higher Education  by Roberts & Komives (2016)

German Studentenwerk

Global Summit on Student Affairs-Africa joins the global conversations by Bardill Moscaritolo & Shreiber (2014)

Higher Education: A worldwide inventory of research centers, academic programs, and journals and publications (3rd Ed) Rumbley, Altbach, Stanford, Shimmi, de Gayardon, & Chan (2014)

IASAS Research Study by Seifert, Perozzi, Li, Bodine Al-Sharif, & Wildman (2014)

IASAS/NASPA book project – Supporting Students Globally: Trends & Perspectives for Student Affairs and Services by Osfield, Perozzi, Bardill Moscaritolo, & Rob Shea (2016)

IASAS special guest edition: Journal of Student Affairs in Africa Vol 5 (1) “Voices from around the globe” by Callhan, K. & Chinedu,  M. (2017)

Joining Hands Across the Seas: The Genesis of IASAS by Roger B. Ludeman

Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Journal of Student Affairs in Africa

Journal of the Australia & New Zealand Student Support Association

Perspectives on Student Affairs in South Africa Book

Student Affairs and Services in Higher Education: Global  Foundations, Issues and Best Practices

UNESCO/OECD Guidelines
on “Quality Provision in Cross-border Higher Education”