International Learning and Local Implementation

Many universities around the world engage, support and educate their student communities around mental health and wellbeing. Student leaders recognise that they can contribute meaningfully towards a considered and coordinated response, addressing mental health concerns within a wider ecosystem of support. The summit will play a role in helping participating student leaders develop this considered and coordinated response that is likely to lead to more sustainable and impactful solutions.

Student leadership involvement that highlights, models and supports individual agency and responsibility contributes to a culture of self-care, appropriately targeted peer support and linking to institutional or public resources.   During the programme, participants will focus on the what, why and how to cultivate behaviours, develop skills and campaigns that enhance and support mental wellbeing.

Through a connection with other student leaders, you will:

  • Explore their concept and understanding of leadership
  • Gain insight into mental wellness and the role that student leaders play within an ecosystem of support
  • Identify resources and strategies that support mental wellbeing
  • Engage collaboratively across difference
  • Develop a micro-campaign suited to their context