About IASAS – our history, our aims and the services we offerIcon

Most higher education systems around the world have some form of service provision for students that goes beyond direct instruction and includes administrative support and programming to enhance student learning and success. Student affairs and services providers, in a variety of ways depending on the country and culture in which they are provided, carry out such functions as admission, student records, student finance, learning assistance and tutoring, multi and cross cultural education, student advocacy, leadership education, career services, health and counselling, new student programs, and other services that directly support students in the higher education environment, adding value to their educational and lifetime learning experience.

IASAS is a non-profit organization which began life as an informal network of higher education professionals around the world working in the area of student affairs and services. Since its inception, IASAS has grown both in size and influence, reaching a watershed moment in July 2013 when it obtained its Charter. Operating  on a global level, IASAS aims to provide and encourage enhanced communication and support for its members, for example by: sharing good practice; facilitating internships and exchanges; organizing conferences and workshops; and supporting our global community in building new and better organizational structures for the delivery of student affairs and services.

As an organization, IASAS acts as a global advocate for: students engaged in higher education; student affairs and services practitioners; and for the profession itself. We do this by:

  • providing a global platform for improving multi and intercultural communication and understanding;
  • strengthening and diversifying co-operation between individuals and organizations working in student affairs and services worldwide;
  • promoting both the profession itself and the welfare of students at an international level through advocacy with governmental and higher education organizations;
  • providing consultation and advisory services for government organizations, university leaders, student services staff and graduate students.

IASAS Strategic Plan v2.0