Purpose / Explanation – The IASAS Blog is an online space for student affairs professionals working around the globe to share perspectives on issues and trends in the field that transcend borders. The blog features thoughtful articles from IASAS members and guests with the intention to share best practices, intentional reflection, and other informative content among our global community of peers. Topics include a diverse range of subjects such as:

  • “How to create and sustain international partnerships”
  • “Student affairs and services trends, best practices, or regional issues ” and
  • “Challenges facing higher education professionals in different regions”

Our blog is aligned with IASAS’s goal to support the needs of international student affairs professionals, and encourage intercultural communication and understanding.

To Submit to our Blog – IASAS members or guests who have an interest in writing a blog article can submit their idea by emailing membership@iasas.global. Please title your email ‘IASAS Blog Post Submission’ and include the following items in the body of the email: Your name, position title, institution, core theme(s) of your proposed blog post, three-sentence description, why you think the topic is relevant to the IASAS community. IASAS Blog posts should adhere to the following criteria:

  • Relevant to student affairs professionals in a global context
  • Aligns with the values and goals of IASAS
  • Between 350 and 1000 words (preferably using recent APA standards)
  • Include one visual
  • Does not promote services or products for monetary gain; nor uses discriminatory/inflammatory language

Submissions are approved and selected by IASAS officers based on the information provided. IASAS reserves the right to not feature a completed article if it does not follow these guidelines.

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    ——————————————————————————————————————– Pathways to Student Affairs and Student Services Around the Globe For many, travel is not a possibility in 2020. Join our virtual voyage as we hear from a panel from around the globe about their paths into student affairs. They’ll share their journey, the challenges they have experienced in this work, and the opportunities they glimpse for its future. Come with your questions.  Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 Time: 10 am (EST) Register Here!
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