Themes for this year’s Global Summit

  • Innovative and financial approaches to increase student access
  • Social Justice and Student Success
  • Align programs, learning, and services to the United Nations Development Programme SDGs and specifically SDGs 4, 5, 10, 13 (There was an error in the email and we will not be concentrating on SDG 3)
  • Regional Professional Associations updates
  • Professional Competencies research and education

Program Sessions

Depending on the outcomes attended in your program, the program committee will decide if it fits best to be part of a featured panel session or stand-alone session. Panel sessions will be for 10 minutes, and a stand-alone session will be for 30 minutes

Poster Session:

There will be a time during the summit for you to share a poster; thus, you may choose this option for your proposal.

Submission Deadline

March 31, 2020

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