Themes for this year’s Global Summit:

This summit’s overarching theme is Cultivating Graduate Attributes to Empower and Sustain Educational Development.

  • The summit topics are the following:

    • Global goals, local action: enhancing collaboration between Higher Education and learning cities
  • Equality: a matter of social justice in Higher Education
  • Implementing a sustainable campus
  • Higher Education Institutions: changing to achieve the SDGs
  • Student activists: startups and spin offs to achieve SDGs
  • Scholarship in Higher Education: Supporting asylum seekers and refugees
  • Nurturing bright futures: cultivating graduate attributes
  • Integrating SDGs in HE Policy
  • Linking SDG health research to improving lives
  • The changing landscape of Higher Education

Program Sessions:

We have three options to select from: (1) In-Person Session, (2) Pre-Recorded Virtual Session, or (3) In-Person Featured Panel.  Pre-recorded virtual sessions can be submitted whether you intend to participate in the conference in-person or virtually.  All session lengths should be between 10-15 minutes and should link to one or more of the conference themes/topics.

Poster Presentation Session:

Poster sessions will be held virtually and in-person during the conference.

Submission Deadline

March 18, 2022

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