IASAS is an international collective of student affairs practitioners, there is no joining fee to become a member of our professional community.

Five benefits of IASAS membership

1. One of a Kind:
Offering access to a genuinely international student affairs community, through regional and global interaction, IASAS provides a unique service – no other student affairs organization is genuinely global.

2. International Expertise at your Fingertips:
Membership of our organization offers you a route to global good practice in student affairs.

3. Professional Development Opportunities for you:
We can offer better knowledge of international HE and the approach to student affairs; an opportunity to mentor new/prospective professionals in other parts of the world; opportunities to participate in international visits and professional events.

4. Global connections:
Membership of IASAS means you’re better connected globally and that brings extended benefits for your institution, particularly now that many HE systems are placing an increasing emphasis on globalization.

5. Research Opportunities:logopurple
IASAS offers opportunities to participate in research about our global profession.