Professional Development in a Global Context

For someone looking to develop their career in the field of Student Affairs and Services in a global context, the following are useful skills and principles to have:logoturquoise

Ethical Principles and Principles of Good Practice

Obtain a thorough knowledge of both the widely accepted theories and practices that govern student affairs and of the cultural context, values, economics and politics that shape the institutions where an individual practices.

Knowledge of Students and Their Cultures

Acquire a theoretical base that enables one to understand and interpret the needs and behaviors of their students and the higher education contexts in which they function.

Needs Assessment, Program Development, and Feedback

Engage in assessment to provide feedback about the effectiveness of services and to identify means of best practices.

Interpersonal Skills

Be knowledgeable about all aspects of communication and local norms and beliefs in order to build good relationships.

Leadership and Management Skills

Develop a framework for mission, goals and assessment of outcomes with the overall purpose of the institution.

Model Student Affairs and Services Globally

Help students achieve their goals for themselves and their families in the context of their own values and beliefs about their purpose in life.

Additional Methods of Development

Participate in seminars, workshops, self-directed learning and experiential learning under the guidance of more experienced professionals.