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IASAS Asia Regional Communication Coordinator: Marlon Maglipas (Philippines) & Jia Zheng (US)

IASAS is pleased to serve as a sponsor of the  9th Annual International Conference on Health Sciences 2022 will be hosted by the Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogyakarta in Indonesia.  As a sponsor, IASAS members are invited to attend virtually at no charge. For more information, please visit To register, please visit 


The 9th International Conference Health Sciences (ICHS), October 25-26 (Hybrid)

IASAS is pleased to serve as a sponsor of the  9th Annual International Conference on Health Sciences 2022 will be hosted by the Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogyakarta in Indonesia.  As a sponsor, IASAS members are invited to attend virtually at no charge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on the entire world community, especially in the health sector. To deal with the next pandemic that may occur, mitigation efforts are needed. One of the efforts made by the Indonesian Ministry of Health is the transformation of health through six pillars: a) transformation of primary services which improve promotive and preventive services, such as strengthening prevention efforts, early detection, health promotion, building infrastructure, equipping facilities, infrastructure, human resources, and strengthening management in all primary services in the country; b) transformation of referral services by increasing access and quality of Indonesian hospitals through sister hospital programs with international hospitals and developing of Centers of Excellence, hospital support systems, as well as education and research; c) transformation of the health security system by encouraging the independence of domestic pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as increasing surveillance networks and the preparation of reserve health workers in responding to the threat of a health crisis; d) transformation of health financing. This effort is carried out by rearranging the financing and benefits of the National Health Insurance (JKN), as well as increasing the proportion of financing for promotive and preventive services through the addition of basic screening services for all Indonesians; e) transformation of health human resources by increasing the quantity, distribution, and quality of health workers, through scholarships, empowerment of health diaspora, and exchange of health professionals with international partners; and f) transformation of health technology which consists of the transformation of information technology and biotechnology.

As an educational institution, Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogyakarta is highly concerned on taking a part to the improvement of the community health status and supporting health transformation programs, particularly on the sixth pillar, transformation of technology. Hence, we present “Innovation and Applied Technology for the Acceleration of Health Transformation” as our issues on the 9th ICHS. We are glad to have all centers of excellence for science and Technology (Pusat Unggulan Inovasi) in Indonesia and any partners, stakeholders, colleagues, and parties all over the world to join the conference. Our experience managing ICHS since 2014 is an affirmation to provide abundant benefits for the participants. This year, the conference will be held in 25 and 26 October 2022.

The Topics from the Speakers of Conference are

  • Dr. Dra. Lucia Rizka Andalusia “Downstreaming of Health Products to Support the Acceleration of Health Transformation”
  • Dr. Maura Paola Maurelli “Mini-Flotac for Intestinal Parasitic Disease”
  • Dr. Christian Ebere Enyoh “Technology for Screening of Micro-plastic in Environment”
  • Dr. Barakatun Nisak Mohd Yusof “Innovation and Updates to Nutrion Practice to Diabetes melitus”
  • Dr. Shefaly Shorey “ Technology Innovation in Women Health”
  • Dr. Cynthia Wu “Robots to Help the Fall Prevention Program in Dental Health”
  • Dr. Mustafa Khalid Al Jarrah “Wearable device for the acceleration of health transformation”
  • Dr. Amanda Jane Wagg “Telehealth in the community nursing setting in the UK”
  • Prof. Maria Issabelita Capistrano Rogado “Concepts of Analgo-Sedation: Implication to Nurses.
  • Nanik Setyawati, M.Kes “Teropong Digital: an Innovative tools to improve accuracy of cervical cancer screening for midwifery”
  • IASAS Representative: A Glimpse about IASAS

For more information, please visit

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Informational Interview – Korea Student Aid Foundation (KOSAF)
prepared by Jia Zheng with Ki-Hwan Hwang

The Korea Student Aid Foundation (KOSAF) leads the government’s national tasks of enhancing the publicity of education and youth job policy (learning after employment), as well as realizing the educational and social values with these tasks. Driven by the mission of talent development and community building through equal educational opportunities, KOSAF helps students realize their dreams. Korean higher education has witnessed many positive changes over the years. Interest rates on student loans have been steadily eased and conditions for repayment of student loans have improved. In addition, the scope and benefits of national scholarships have also been expanded, such as providing scholarships to students who experience urgent household difficulties. Moreover, financial aid for employment and start-ups continues to increase, and these efforts are expected to bring greater progress to Korean college students and Korean society. Despite such positive changes, KOSAF foresees that overseas higher education support will continue to be somewhat challenging. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Korean government continues to follow social distancing accordance with the quarantine guidelines. With the increase of socio-economic difficulties, the method and type of student aid have mostly shifted to virtual. Accordingly, KOSAF’s human resource development support program (i.e., social leader college student mentoring) has shifted to virtual and continues to support students during the global pandemic. KOSAF is also working on making changes in size and method of other programs for 2021, including mentoring programs, scholarship awarding ceremonies, and student fund policy research.


Congratulations to the Philippines Association of Practitioners of Student Affairs and Services (PAPSAS) celebrated its 25 year anniversary at this year’s conference on November 20, 26, and December 4 & 5. IASAS sent in a congratulatory note for our ongoing partnership and collaboration.

To read more feel free to read the Souvenir program.


The 18th APSSA International Conference is calling for registration. It is now open at Griffith University – Conferences & Events – Student Health Counselling and Wellbeing – 18th Asia Pacific Student Services Association (APSSA) Conference from 1 – 4 November  and the draft program at .


Beijing Normal University offers a Master of Arts Program in Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA)
The first Master of Arts Program in Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) at Beijing Normal University began in 2014. Our students came from more than fifteen countries and most of our graduated students began to work as entry-mid level positions as practitioners in higher education/student affairs or other relevant fields after they returned to their home countries.  If you have any questions please contact the HESA program coordinator at

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