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IASAS Publications

ACA Book Press Release
International Student Support in European Higher Education: Needs, Solutions, and Challenge

ACPA-NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners

Borderless Global Movement Article by Richard Zereik and Eva-Marie Seeto (2014)

Global Summit on Student Affairs-Africa joins the global conversations by Bardill Moscaritolo & Shreiber (2014)

IASAS Research Study by Seifert, Perozzi, Li, Bodine Al-Sharif, & Wildman (2014)

IASAS/NASPA book project – Supporting Students Globally: Trends & Perspectives for Student Affairs and Services by Osfield, Perozzi, Bardill Moscaritolo, & Rob Shea (2016)

IASAS special guest edition: Journal of Student Affairs in Africa Vol 5 (1) “Voices from around the globe” by Callhan, K. & Chinedu,  M. (2017)

Joining Hands Across the Seas: The Genesis of IASAS by Roger B. Ludeman

Professional Mentoring in Student Affairs: Evaluation of a Global Programme  (Eva-Marie Seeto, 2016)

Student Affairs and Services in Higher Education: Global  Foundations, Issues and Best Practices



The Internationalisation of Higher Education in Spain: Reflections and Perspectives by Laura Howard & Adriana Perez-Encinas, 2017 Edition

Enhancing Employability in Higher Education Through Work Based Learning by Morley and others (2018)

Employability in a Global Context: Evolving Policy and Practice in Employability, Work Integrated Learning, and Career Development Learning by Martin Smith, Kenton Bell, Dawn Bennett, and Alan McAlpine, 2018

Enhancing Employability in Higher Education through Work Based Learning by Morley (2017)

European Higher Education Area: the Impact of Past and Future Policies, by Adrian Curaj, Ligia Deca, & Remus Pricopie (2018)

German Studentenwerk

Higher Education: A worldwide inventory of research centers, academic programs, and journals and publications (3rd Ed) Rumbley, Altbach, Stanford, Shimmi, de Gayardon, & Chan (2014)

Interview with LEAN in Higher Education by Vianna Renaud

North America

Enhancing Student Learning and Development in Cross-Border Higher Education  by Roberts & Komives (2016)

Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

South Africa

Journal of Student Affairs in Africa

Perspectives on Student Affairs in South Africa Book


UNESCO/OECD Guidelines
on “Quality Provision in Cross-border Higher Education”