Ashraf Asim

International Transition Advisor at University of Toronto

Country: Canada

Nomination #1: My name is Asim Ashraf. I am running for Secretary General of IASAS. I have 10 years of student affairs experience important for this role. For 7 years at the University of Toronto (St. George campus), I have consulted with diverse student leaders on implementing constitutions, developing group dynamics and administering elections. I educated students on best practices akin to those of the Secretary General: agenda setting, keeping minutes, organizing conferences, setting international meetings, and managing communications. I have served as Chair of the U of T Student Initiative Fund where $100, 000 is distributed to student lead initiatives. As part of the Canadian Association of Universities and Colleges Student Services, I helped determined recognition of new and emerging leaders on the SASA Awards and Grants Committee. I am also a Board member of Salaam Canada, which is a non-profit organization supporting LGBTQ Muslims in the Greater Toronto Area. I connect Salaam members via video conferencing, and liaise with local and global agencies. Throughout these groups, I was both a diligent communicator with my team members and detailed producer of publications. For last 3 years at the Centre for International Experience (CIE), I advise students on transitioning through international experiences. I have polished cross cultural competencies, and have a passion to contribute these skills in advancing student affairs at an international level. As such, I was invited by Richard Zereik to help evaluate IASAS’s communication and social media strategy meeting our complex communication needs. I am happy with the results, but I hope to advocate further on these and other initiatives with your help. I will be the administrative ‘glue’ for IASAS Board Members when working across time zones and levels of experience. I hope to connect with you on LinkedIn or Facebook (asim.uoft). With humility, I ask for you vote!

Nomination #2: Asim possesses both a strong skill set and a passionate interest in furthering the work of IASAS, championing a more global perspective on student affairs and higher education. His extensive background in the field will compliment and support the regular administrative demands of the association while also providing valuable insight and perspectives on current and future initiatives.

Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo

AVP Dean for Students at Pace University

Country: United States

Nomination #1: I have enjoyed serving in this role for about four years and would like to continue in this role for one more time. I can offer more stability as the organization continues to define its mission and vision. One of my strengths is that I am an arranger and I have the opportunity to do this as Secretary for IASAS. I am passionate about the student services and student affairs and enjoy the opportunity I have had through IASAS to connect people and organizations around the world to better the work we do ultimately for our students. If I am offered the opportunity to continue I would like to on a couple of things this summer. I would like to work with the board and members to work on a set of by laws or procedures that strengthens our constitution. Secondly, I would like to work with the board on developing further ideas on how we can assist our members in further training and opportunities to connect virtually or in person.

Nomination #2: Lisa is one of the founding members for IASAS, and was instrumental in helping to create such a global organization for practitioners in student affairs. She has a lengthy service with IASAS and her experience and sense of history of this organization is critical in moving IASAS forward. In addition, her current position as the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students provides her with additional perspectives in how best to serve our students. She has been involved with many research studies, and wrote a great deal on skills needed for practitioners to serve our college youth. Her collaborative effort serves as a good role model for all professionals in this field and benefit IASAS which is a truly global organization aim to collaborate with all countries in developing students of the world.

Nomination #3: Lisa has served IASAS well and should continue to provide her experience and sense of global cooperation in serving and development out students.

Nomination #4: She is a committed student affairs professional and an internationalist provide her experience and sense of global cooperation in serving and development out students.

H David Shaw

Executive Director of American University of the Emirates

Country: United Arab Emirates

Nomination: Building on the excellent work of the past leaders, I would like to continue to open the communication lines to the membership. I believe that one of the few weaknesses of our great organization is that the information flow is weak. I would like to improve that to enable all of the members to have as much information as possible.